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Accepting Care by Mario Parker

When our mother was diagnosed with early stage dementia, my brother and I began looking into what options were available to us as a family. My brother and I lived far enough away that caring for mom was not something that either one of us could do without a major life disruption. However, we wanted... Read more

In Their Memory, Our Duty

This Memorial Day, join us at Preferred Care at Home as we try to give back by helping and donating to organizations that support military... Read more

Gregor MacGregor’s confidence trick

Gregor MacGregor earned his place in history by pulling off a confidence trick so elaborate and cruel that it led hundreds to their deaths and cost investors billions in financial... Read more

Understanding Rehabilitation After Stroke

This may be the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced in your life, and the overwhelming feelings may seem like they will never end. Recovering from a stroke is hard, and for those dealing with significant disabilities, the fight to stay positive mentally and continue rehabilitation can be a daily... Read more

Acute Pericarditis: Here We Go Again!

As you may recall, last summer I landed in ICU due to complications associated with acute pericarditis—referred to as pneumonia of the heart. My pericardium—the sac in which the heart resides—became inflamed thus causing severe pain as well as shortness of breath. The recovery process has been slow but steady—until last... Read more

Sometimes We Need to Hibernate

I have a dear friend who is currently struggling to regain a balance between solitude and engagement. She experienced some medical issues earlier in the year which initiated a cascade of changes—including... Read more

Inspirational Adieus

Everyone bid adieu in their own unique way. Some spoke. Some were silent. Some cried. Some were stoic. Bottomline, there was no one right way to say goodbye. Goodbye was “said” by one and all in various ways – words, reflections, and/or... Read more

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