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In Home Personal Care for New Moms & In Home Recovery From Surgery

New Mommy Care

Preferred Care at Home’s main specialty is in home personal care for the elderly, but we also provide several different services, including private homecare services designed to help ease the burden new mothers face. Becoming a new parent is an amazing and rewarding experience that promises many days of laughter and joy. Inevitably, your new role also promises many late nights, headaches, and little “me time.”

As a company full of mothers and caregivers, Preferred Care at Home is here to alleviate the stress of a long to-do list and let you cherish the time you have with your family. After all, this special time is about the both of you. As a new mother, you are in charge of many things. The added concerns of having additional children to care for or of having gone through a difficult birth is overwhelming.

Mom’s First Priority

Having additional help in the early days of postpartum can provide valuable bonding time with your new bundle of joy. Experience peace of mind knowing that the rest of your home obligations are being cared for by reliable caregivers. Preferred Care at Home is honored to provide private homecare services for new mothers. We understand the new challenges motherhood brings and we are committed to providing outstanding, personalized care, giving the new mother the rest and assistance she needs. Our mission is to provide in home personal care that is the most compassionate and attentive to the unique needs of each new mother.

To the Rescue

To ensure 100 percent peace of mind, all caregivers undergo a seven-step screening process and are often parents themselves, giving them first-hand experience to assist you with the demands of becoming a new mother.

Mommy Care Services:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Incidental transportation
  • Errands
  • Laundry
  • And much more

Preferred Care at Home is committed to providing high-quality care at affordable prices

We offer packages from one to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are available before, during, and after childbirth to make your transition exactly what you hope for and deserve. Whether you need your overnight bag packed with efficiency,  your baby room ready for a welcoming return home, or an extra set of eyes while you get some well-deserved rest, we can make your baby experience a peaceful one. Instead of struggling with taking care of time-consuming necessities that can be challenging after childbirth, let us help you with senior home care services to make life easier. Our in home personal care allows you to focus on your new bundle of joy and helps to ease some of the stress experienced in the process.

Unfortunately, postpartum depression is a relatively common condition that affects 1 in 7  mothers. While some sadness, worry, and anxiety happen to nearly every mother after birth which is known as the “baby blues”, postpartum depression is much more serious. This condition can be marked by intense depression that can last for weeks or months if untreated. While postpartum depression is common, it is not something that needs to be suffered alone. While our clients receive the professional care they need from a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor, we help to make the home front more manageable. The knowledge of help around the house during these potentially trying times can be a great relief.

We acknowledge that not every childbirth situation is the same and this is why we never take a cookie cutter approach to help our clients and their families. Sometimes all a mother needs is the reassuring voice and presence of a caring and compassionate professional that is dedicated to ensuring the best possible care for her newborn. There is nothing easy about the child birthing process, and after the birth things can get even more challenging, this is exactly why having the help of a certified professional can make our client’s life, and their families much easier.

We are here to help guide you through every step of the way with our private homecare services that help to relieve stress and free up your time. If you would like to learn more about our in home personal care, or how we can help you, please reach out to us today. We will be happy to pick up the phone and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Surgery Recovery Services

Recovery after surgery, whether serious or minor, can be challenging. When leaving a facility after undergoing an outpatient or inpatient procedure, there are many things you may need help with.

In Home Surgery Recovery Services Include:

Transportation home and to follow-up appointments, prescription drug drop-off and pick-up, grocery shopping, and food preparation.

You can select from package plans to guide you through the first 24 to 72 hours of recovery.  Alternately, one hour one time or 24 hours continuously can be custom scheduled to ensure your best recovery scenario.

Recovering from surgery can be very difficult, and can leave someone bedridden for weeks or even months. Getting up to do simple things around the house can also be very challenging, such as preparing food or reaching for a phone that has fallen on the ground. This is precisely why having a professional caregiver at home during your recovery from surgery can make your life so much easier. While family and friends can often help at certain times, nobody else can be at your side every moment as well as one of our certified professionals.

Our mission is to make you as comfortable and content as possible, so you can have a speedy recovery. We understand that the emotional outlook can actually have a dramatic impact on how long it takes someone to recover. Having someone by your side that is trained and compassionate can help you to recover faster than anticipated. Not to mention how helpful it is to have someone to help you with basic tasks or even assist in the event of a dire need.

If you have questions about Preferred Care at Home’s specialty care options or would like to schedule services for yourself or a loved one, please contact us today to experience the Preferred Care at Home difference.

Our compassionate caregivers are available for as little as one hour or as long as you need to ensure your house remains your home. We are privileged with the opportunity to provide you with in home personal care and our experience ensures that all of our certified professionals follow our tried and true methods.

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