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Transparency of Care

Preferred Care at Home’s transparency room lets families keep track of the care provided to their loved ones, regardless of time or distance, thereby giving families meaningful peace of mind and allowing their loved ones to stay at home.

Not only is the transparency room a personal, secure channel for collaboration between family and caregiver, it is a means to organize and efficiently coordinate care needs. Specifically, within the transparency room, families have access to a shared master calendar, and they can track scheduled caregivers visits, activities, as well as view invoices as they become due.

This transparency hub also grants families the ability to stay current with tasks completed and not completed by their caregiver. If the requested task was not completed as scheduled, they may listen to a voice recording from their caregiver detailing an explanation of the change in their daily routine.

And it’s easy to access. With a few swipes on their smartphone or a couple clicks with their mouse, families can check the quality of care and the general status of their parents or uncles, aunts — even in-laws.

Most importantly, these tools can help keep an aging loved one at home, where they are happy and comfortable, instead of being sent to a nursing home or a similar kind of care facility.