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Affordable, 24 hour peace of mind

Peace of mind. It’s so often an elusive dream for people with elderly parents—and for elderly people themselves. That’s why Preferred Care at Home has always been known best for our 24 hour home care.

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Our 24 hour home care services provide around-the-clock supervision and companionship in the security and privacy of your own home. Your caregivers, matched to you by personality along with life and work experience, are present day and night to provide professional, reliable and compassionate care.

In addition to quality care, we also guarantee continuity. You don’t have to worry about frequent changes in caregivers—having to get acquainted time and again. Central to our 24 hour care option is this commitment to consistency. And at Preferred Care at Home, where we strive to make our services accessible to everyone, 24 hour care is more affordable than you probably imagine.

Who Is 24 hour Care Best For?

You may think of 24 hour care as being primarily for people who are bedridden. While it is an excellent solution for them, it’s also helpful for other people who want consistent aid. For example, our 24 hour home care is great for seniors who have:

  • Unsteadiness or a fear of falling.

    Worrying about falling can lead to inactivity, which makes your muscles atrophy, which increases your risk for a fall! With 24 hour care, you always have someone there just in case, so you can feel confident to be as active as you can.

  • Loneliness or a fear of being alone.

    No one should experience that empty feeling of loneliness. The compassionate heart of a Preferred Care at Home caregiver is an ever-present comfort.

  • Trouble remembering medication.

    “Did you take your medicine today?” If that question’s been asked too many times, you should know that 24 hour care can eliminate that anxiety. Our quality caregivers will remind you when to take your medicine so dosages aren’t forgotten or repeated.

  • Memory loss, or signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

    Memory deficiencies may creep in as we age. People with Alzheimer’s do best in a familiar environment. Most need extended hours of care in order to remain healthy and safe at home.

24 hour care services are also good for seniors who:

Want to avoid a revolving door of caregivers. Change can be stressful. Continuity is at the heart of our 24 hour care. As long as you’re happy and well taken care of, you’ll have the same caregiver by your side every step of the way.

Want to remain independent and in control of their care.With Preferred Care at Home’s live-in care, you’re the boss. You decide when and how you want things done.

Is 24 hour Care Really Right for Me?

Still wondering whether live-in care is the choice for you? Here are answers to some common questions.

1. Can I afford 24 hour home care? Long-term care can certainly be costly. However, since 1984 the founders of Preferred Care at Home have built a reputation for offering quality services at affordable prices. Contact us to see which package works best for you.

2. What if I move or I already live in an assisted living community? If home is where you want to live, we can make that a reality. If you prefer to move into a facility, we can also provide any extra assistance you need. In essence, we come alongside you so home, or wherever you call home, is that safe place.

3. Will I like my caregivers? We match each caregiver to fit with your personality. We even look into life and work experience to make sure you two will get along swimmingly. A key aspect of our 24 hour care is quality interaction. After all, you have much to share with others. But of course, if you’re ever unhappy, we will promptly find a new person who fits your needs better.

If 24 hour care sounds like a good fit for you, contact us, and we’ll personally review all the details about how it works. We’ll even conduct a complimentary, no-obligation home assessment.

At Preferred Care at Home, we’re committed to honoring and celebrating the lives of our clients in the security home provides. We understand that often for elderly people, their home is everything. It’s the window to the past, a safe haven for the present and a legacy for the future.

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