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Free Services for Seniors

It’s hard enough to make ends meet sometimes—especially when you live on a fixed income or care for someone who does. So when unexpected expenses hit, it can feel like your world might crumble under the pressure.

To help make life a little easier, we’ve listed sources of free services for seniors—from respite care to legal help to transportation. Some (not all) have income or other requirements. But hopefully, if one door won’t open for you, another will.

Download the Printable Flyer: How to Find Free Services

General Sources

Here are some good starting places to find both national and local services

Free Respite Care

When someone stays with your loved one while you take a break, that’s called respite care. Professional sources include in-home care and adult day-care. But you may also be able to find volunteer services. Here are some options:

  • Senior Companions, whose volunteers are seniors themselves.
  • Places of worship and service clubs (though potential drawbacks include lack of training and background checks).
  • Family and friends who may want to help and not know what you need.

Help With Legal Needs, Taxes and Benefits

Here are a few of the places you can look for free legal and financial services:

Also, various organizations help veterans apply for free for the Aid and Attendance application. (Choose one that’s on the up-and-up though.)

Free Aging-in-Place Services

The following organizations provide services that help people live in their home for as long as possible:

  • Senior centers and public-transportation offices, which may offer free rides for older people. (For cancer patients, the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program gives rides to and from treatment.)
  • Meals on Wheels, which delivers free meals in some areas. (Senior centers sometimes offer free on-site meals as well.)

Also, at Preferred Care at Home, we offer free home-safety checks to help guard against a serious fall.

More Sources

Local businesses, charities and community service organizations may have volunteers for respite care, home improvement or even pet care. And for more helpful organizations, check out “10 Charities for Elderly People.”

At Preferred Care at Home, we believe everyone who wants to stay home should be able to, so we strive to keep our professional services affordable. We hope these resources help as well.