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About Us

For many older people, home is everything. It’s a window to the past, a safehaven for the present and the legacy they long to leave for the next generation.

Our History

Lois Whitesell, a registered nurse, saw this happen first-hand and recognized a need: Older people simply wanted to stay home. So Lois decided to open a home health-care agency.

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Our Mission

Since 1984, the husband-and-wife founders of Preferred Care at Home have been helping seniors stay in their homes, happily and safely.

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Dispelling the Confusion about Home Care

Your family recommended home care. You’ve heard Medicare will pay for it—if you go with a certain kind of agency. What kind’s that? Is it the one you need? What is home care anyway?

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At Preferred Care at Home, we’re passionate about not only helping elderly people but also advocating for them. We recognize the wealth of knowledge and experience they possess.

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