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Senior Resource Panel

Guiding you through the maze of senior resources in your community

Did you know there are a wealth of resources in your community to help you live independently? There’s transportation, financial resources, help at home and even free services.

Navigating these resources, though, can be overwhelming. Just rooting them out is a task in itself. To make your life easier, we’ve introduced free town-hall meetings that feature elite groups of local senior-care experts. We call them Senior Resource Panels. They include people like:

  • Physicians
  • Elder-law attorneys
  • Financial planners
  • Medicare representatives
  • Geriatric-care managers
  • Private home-care representatives
  • End-of-life planning experts

These people know your community inside and out. They know the hidden gems most people aren’t aware of. And they also understand other topics of concern—health and financial issues specific to seniors, long-term-care options, and legal concerns.

Senior Resource Panels have a town-hall meeting format, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask those hard-to-answer questions many rarely have the opportunity to ask. And, yes, it’s all free. At Preferred Care at Home, we’re dedicated to helping our neighbors within the communities we serve, and we do everything we can to make that aid accessible to all.

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