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A free organization kit to make your life easier

If a visit to the doctor feels like an organization test, recall quiz and memorization boot camp rolled into one, Preferred Care at Home’s free Personal Health Record is for you.

We think of this in-depth, 15-piece tool kit as your health care bible. It’s a health-history tool, an educational manual and a care playbook wrapped into one. And the best part? It’s all you need to take to your next doctor appointment.

At Preferred Care at Home, we’re among the first in the senior-care industry to offer a comprehensive record like this. We know that better care can only start with better communication within your health care team.

Download Your Free Personal Health Record

To get your free Personal Health Record just register here. It’s quick and easy, and we won’t share your information.

What’s in the Personal Health Record?

Toss out those scattered lists. Preferred Care at Home’s Personal Health Record stores all your health information in one convenient place. It includes the following sections:

  1. General Information: emergency contacts, health-insurance information, health history.
  2. Advance Directives: health-care proxy, living-will location, power of attorney.
  3. Health Events: hospitalizations, surgeries, emergency-room visits.
  4. Going-Home Checklist: discharge necessities for when you’re leaving the hospital or nursing home.
  5. Health-Care Team: contact information for your doctors and other health-care providers.
  6. Medications: pharmacy information, medication lists, detailed instructions.
  7. Tests & Results (including pending tests).
  8. Limitations, Restrictions & Special Instructions.
  9. Home-Care Services: Medicaid, Medicare, home-care information.
  10. Fall Prevention: questions about exercise, medication, eye exams, home safety.
  11. Medical Equipment: equipment list, ordering information.
  12. Follow-Up Appointments.
  13. What to Take to Appointments: questions to ask, reminder to bring your Personal Health Record or password (for Smooth-Transition Care clients).
  14. Goals: a plan for accomplishment.
  15. Emergency Plan: symptoms chart that indicates when to call a health care provider and when to call 911.

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