Smooth Transition Care: Seniors Need a Constant

To say we live in a fast-paced world seems like an understatement. Each day holds more appointments and commitments, the work week stretches on and promises more tasks and to-do lists.  For the family caregiver, the to-do list looms with tasks to complete for their family and children as well as for their senior love one. When does it all become too much?

In 2003,  50-70 percent of hospitalized senior patients saw an average of 10 or more doctors during a single hospital stay according to the National Transitions of Care Coalition. And those with chronic conditions see up to 16 doctors. It isn’t surprising then, when on average, one of  five senior patients discharged from the hospital will check back in within a month. Thirty-four percent will be back within 90 days. But, the good news is that most of these hospital readmissions are preventable. The transition from hospital to home is a crucial time frame where, unfortunately, key aspects of the care plan are slipping through the cracks of an already overloaded calendar.

We believe seniors need a constant. With all the commotion of different providers coming at them during discharge, the flurry of follow-up appointments and medication changes, it quickly becomes very confusing. Seniors need someone managing all this activity and translating the messages that may be getting lost. That’s where Preferred Care at Home comes in.

We have created Smooth Transition Care to come along side your senior loved one to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to their home. Our locations across the nation have different care packages to help you in the process. We can be a constant in the life of your senior loved one. Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing four risks we have identified that lead to hospital readmission;

1. Poor medication management

2. Missed follow-up appointments

3. Falls

4. Lack of education about caring for chronic illnesses

With the proper attention and care, these four risks can be addressed and prevented. If you have questions about our Smooth Transition Care, contact a location near you.


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