3 Reasons Yoga is a Perfect Senior Activity

“Don’t let your age or mobility limitations hold you back, Yoga is for everyone!”

“Let’s do woga!” My three year old daughter says. The endearing w-sound instead of the correctly pronounced y-sound always makes me smile. My daughter runs and gets her yoga mat as I turn on a youtube channel for toddler yoga exercises.

“Look Mommy! I’m doing woga!” She yells, as she precariously balances on one leg (her variation of tree pose) and then moves into her favorite pose–downward-facing dog.

My daughter’s yoga practice reminds me of the many benefits of yoga for all ages. Have you ever practiced yoga? Perhaps, it’s time to add yoga to your exercise rotation. Here are several reasons why yoga makes the perfect senior activity.

3 Reasons Yoga is the Perfect Senior Activity

1. Yoga is Adaptable. I’m not an advanced yoga practitioner by any means, which is one reason I always come back to it. Yoga can easily be adapted to your skill and strength level which makes it the perfect activity for people of all ages, toddlers and seniors alike! Chair yoga for seniors is an option for those just getting started in yoga or for those with mobility issues. As you begin your practice of yoga, be open and honest about any limitations you may have. Getting started with an instructor can help you modify and adjust poses to fit your skill level.

2. Yoga is Accessible. Not only is yoga adaptable to fit your skill level, but it is accessible. Yoga studios abound and group classes or private lessons are most likely offered in a variety of locations near you. However, if getting out to a class is difficult, seniors can practice yoga in the comfort of home with instruction from many online videos.  Simply visit YouTube.com and search “Chair Yoga for Seniors” of “Gentle Yoga for Seniors” to get started!

3. Yoga Provides Many Health Benefits. Practicing yoga provides many health benefits as we age. Benefits include improved balance and flexibility, reduction in stress and anxiety, improved mood, better sleep, and even promotes bone strength. These benefits don’t require an intense and rigorous practice, but can be experienced even with chair yoga.

Don’t let your age or mobility limitations hold you back, Yoga is for everyone! As you begin your practice of yoga, I hope you are challenged and encouraged in your personal health journey.


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