What’s More Important than a Care Plan?

It’s said that nothing is certain except death and taxes.

So it’s a convenient coincidence that yesterday was National Tax Day and today is National Healthcare Decisions Day — a day created to highlight and recognize the importance of an end-of-life care plan.

And though the awareness is welcome, we at Preferred Care at Home firmly believe this is a topic too important to be relegated to just one day out of the year. An end-of-life care plan needs to be among the top priorities for those who are entering their twilight years or have aging loved ones in their lives.

In the past, we have spoken at length about preserving a voice for an unforeseen future or creating a blueprint that builds and maintains a person’s legacy. More specifically, we’ve talked about the importance of wills, trusts, and a power of attorney.

As it happens, the main theme of those discussions is the same — some things like estate and care plans are too important to be left to chance or at the mercy of others.

Thinking about a future with death and disability is difficult, but if you’ve avoided the thought till now, please take today to start.

Like with planting trees or saving money, the best day to start planning for your care and legacy was yesterday. Today is the next best.

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