Readmission Risk for Seniors: Lack of Education about Chronic-Illness Care

About 80 percent of seniors have a chronic illness, according to the CDC. Half have at least two. Yet many don’t fully understand their symptoms and what to do when they have a problem.

I have dedicated over a month of time to discuss the Smooth Transition Care and the Personal Health Record, both of which were created to address the rising issue of high hospital readmission rates for seniors.  The reason I have spent so much time on this subject is because it is important and necessary. It is important to understand the risks our seniors face as they rehabilitate and head back to the homes they love.

Based on research, Preferred Care at Home has identified four leading causes of senior hospital readmissions: (1) poor medication management, (2) missed follow-up appointments, (3) falls, and (4) lack of education about caring for chronic illness.

Lack of Education about Caring for Chronic Illness Care

What happens when seniors do not fully understanding the symptoms they are experiencing? Unneeded hospital and emergency room visits or, even worse, ignoring symptoms that need medical attention. The final section of the Personal Health Record is devoted to the “Emergency Plan”. This section provides easy-to-follow detailed charts that tell seniors when to call a health-care provider and when to call 911. These charts can help decrease unnecessary hospital visits by empowering the patient and family caregivers with knowledge. What should you do if you are having trouble breathing, experiencing pain or numbness, are running a fever? The Emergency Plan breaks down the symptoms and the necessary steps.

Hopefully, you are beginning to understand that transitioning from hospital-to-home requires attention and care. The transition can be confusing and is often overwhelming, download your free Personal Health Record to organize and take charge of your transition home. You don’t have to transition alone. Contact a Preferred Care at Home location near you and dedicated owners across the nation will be by your side to help make your transition a smooth one.


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