Personal Health Record Provides Peace of Mind

Seniors need a constant. In the blur of doctors’ appointments, medication adjustments, and care plans, seniors need a constant. Last week, I discussed our Smooth Transition Care that provides a transition coach so that seniors can have a constant. But, as we researched about the need for a constant, we also discovered something else. Seniors need a central place to store all the information they are receiving from doctors, hospitals, rehab centers and discharge planners.

Seniors need a tool that is easy to navigate and access in order to help keep track of all their information. So, we developed the Preferred Care at Home Personal Health Record and then decided to offer it for free.

What is the Personal Health Record?

Preferred Care at Home’s Personal Health Record is a health-history tool, an educational manual, and a care playbook wrapped into one. We think of this in-depth 15-piece tool kit as our clients’ health care bible. And the great news?  This Personal Health Record can be downloaded for free on our website.

Seniors can bring their Personal Health Record to health-care providers so that providers have access to the most up-to-date information on all aspects of the patient’s care.

The Personal Health Record was created to address four key areas that have been shown to reduce the risk of readmission.

The Four Main Causes of Readmission:

1. Poor Medication Management

2. Missed Follow-Up Appointments

3. Falls

4. Lack of Education About Caring for Chronic Illnesses

The Personal Health Record was created to accompany our smooth Transition Care so that seniors can transition from hospital to home with peace of mind. Discharge planners can be confident that care plans are followed and family members can rest knowing that their senior loved one is receiving the care and attention they deserve. For more information about Smooth Transition Care and the Personal Health Record, contact a location near you.


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