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If you have been reading this blog, you have learned a lot about our senior care services and the caregivers that provide these services. You’ve learned about our passion for providing quality care, how Preferred Care at Home was started, and what drives us to be the best senior home care provider in the industry. Yet, one thing you may have not heard a lot about are the local owners all over the nation. They have dedicated their lives, not to a business endeavor, but to a mission. A mission to provide reliable, compassionate and affordable care to seniors in the communities they live. Have you had the chance to meet a Preferred Care at Home owner? Our owners are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurance providers, business men and women, and homemakers. They come from different backgrounds but are brought together by a common belief. Our owners are set apart because of their purpose, passion and promise.

1. Purpose. If you sat with each home care owner you will hear a unique story. Stories of family members needing care, of community needs, doors opening and doors closing. Each story is unique but they all share the common purpose to care for the seniors in their community.

2. Passion. You will hear passion in their voice. Whether you talk to them face-to-face or over the phone, Preferred Care at Home owners have chosen senior home care because they want to make a difference…to bring families together so you can be a daughter again. They truly care for those you care about. To help seniors live out their lives with independence and dignity is a deeply rooted passion that extends from the owners to the caregivers.

3. Promise. Our owners don’t stop with purpose and passion, they have made a promise. In fact, we believe in this promise so strongly we’ve made it a part of our mission statement, “Reliable, Compassionate, Affordable…We Promise”. A promise to us means an unshakable commitment. It means that you can contact our owners day or night and they will be ready to provide you or your senior loved one with the very best care.

You can contact Preferred Care at Home owners by visiting the location page where you can see and hear the purpose, passion and promise that they live by each and every day.

*Pictured: Suzanne Hickel, owner of Preferred Care at Home of Alaska

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