Homemaker Services: Preserving Your Home Filled With Memories (and Paint)

My mom is gifted in the art of painting our home lots of different colors. Growing up, I remember our kitchen and living room changing colors many times. Greens, reds, yellows graced our walls along with the smell of wet paint. I can’t help but smile as I think about my mom’s most recent painting experience where she painted and repainted the entire house different shades of white. For my mom, the color of the walls is not just about aesthetics; it’s a way she makes a house into a home.

A house, when filled with the right touches or painted the right (or wrong) colors, becomes a home. And a home contains memories, laughter and tears. Deep green reminds me of split pea soup and the smell of homemade bread. Purple reminds me of the bedroom my mom decorated for me where I stayed up way too late night after night reading. A chalkboard reminds me of when my mom painted the entire kitchen in chalkboard paint. Now, when I have a bedroom or a kitchen to paint it is my mom I consult because she knows how to make a house a home.

For the seniors I talk to, their home is everything to them. What I love about visiting someone’s house is the uniqueness it possesses. The personality of the owner shines through in the decorations, telling a unique story.

A home is more than walls painted different colors; a home is filled with memories, laughter and tears. The thought of leaving a home that they have invested so much time, energy, money and life into can be devastating.

Preferred Care at Home understands the importance of home and is dedicated to helping you remain in the beautiful and unique one you created. Our homemaker services provide your home the care it needs so you can remain where you want to be. Whether it’s dishes or dusting, we keep up the tasks that often become difficult with age, and you can remain in your home, where new memories are created—with every coat of paint.

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