Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life Story Here

I believe that each person’s life is a beautiful, well-written story.

One of my favorite parts of my job is sitting with seniors and hearing their stories. Lives filled with adventure, love, loss, family, dreams and disappointment are rich with fascinating events and plot twists. There are memories that must be told over and over again so they’re never forgotten. But the current and future events are just as important to this story as the past ones.

The challenge comes to the family caregivers who watch their adventurous loved one slowly become isolated to the living room chair. The adventure is in the past and now time slowly drifts by.

But, there are so many memories yet to be made! Adventure may look different now, but your loved one’s life story is still being written, and it is a beautiful one. What role will you play in the events? Will you become the co-author in the story with your loved one?

At Preferred Care at Home we often use the phrase, “Celebrating Life, Dignity and Independence.” I love this phrase because it encompasses not just the past but the present and future. We are dedicated to coming alongside you and your loved one because we believe life is a beautiful story that is still being written.

I want to hear your in-process stories. I want to hear from the adventurers, the romantics and the heroes. Tell me about raising your family, starting a business, serving in a war. I want to hear about the events that have already happened but also how you’re still writing your story. You can email your elderly loved one’s story to [email protected], and we may publish it here.

Join with me in celebrating your loved one’s story. Join me in celebrating because you have witnessed firsthand the hard work and dedication of your father. Join me in celebrating because you have been forever impacted by the spunk and innovation of your mother. Join me in celebrating because you believe that each person’s life is a beautiful, well-written story that is waiting to be told.

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