Fostering the Beauty of Personality

Our distinctive personality makes us who we are. Personality can be expressed in a variety of ways, but its most simplistic explanation is its a persons thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. There are so many components that make up personality that it is often difficult to talk about because it is what gives a person beauty and depth. Some of my favorite expressions of personality comes from the seniors we have the privilege of serving.

When I think of the beauty of personality, I think of Mrs. H covered in paint as she works on depicting a new bird that’s been visiting her front porch; I hear Mr. L’s stories and dry sense of humor or Mr. C’s never forgotten love for golfing; and I remember petting Mrs. L’s fat cats she treated like family members.  But, when I think of these gifted people who we have had the pleasure of knowing, I also think of the caregivers who worked behind the scenes. I think of Destiny who set out Mrs. H’s painting supplies. I think of Sharon who laughed along with Mr. L and urged him to tell me “that other story”. I think of  Sarah who even as Mr. C’s dementia became worse and worse never tired of leaving notes or taking him for drives around the neighborhood. And as for Mrs. L, those cats never went hungry or unloved while Karen was there.

Personality is what makes us who we are. At Preferred Care at Home, it is our mission to not only provide quality home care, but to foster the interests and personality of the seniors we care for. Our owners are committed to going the extra mile in meeting your senior loved one’s needs. From grocery shopping to salon appointments, we know that these errands are often equally important for the seniors we serve. That is why, while our caregivers go through a rigorous 7-step screening process, we look for a quality that supersedes every other qualification. We look for compassion. It is that compassion and commitment to excellence that makes the difference when it comes to fostering a senior’s personality.

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