Family Caregivers Find Relief with Home Care

Family caregivers are often the unsung heroes of the family get-together. If you enjoyed the presence of a senior member in your family this Memorial Day weekend, chances are another family member—maybe a son, daughter, cousin, brother, or sister— helped them get there.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like hearing your grandparent or great-grandparent waxing poetic about their childhood. Those “big fish” stories are often the best part of a family event, but getting those stories to the rest of the family can often be a stressful event for a family caregiver. Did you know there is another way?

Preferred Care at Home provides reliable, compassionate, and affordable caregivers like Reda Edington, who not only take care of seniors in their home; but can also transport them to and from family events. This leaves family caregivers free to enjoy other things like cooking that long-lost favorite dish or finding a new barbeque recipe for the cookout.

It lets caregivers like Reda in Tennessee, or Linda Hoffman in Alaska do what they do best—use their years of experience to provide the best quality care and companionship for that senior family member.

Preferred Care at Home has locations around the country with quality, compassionate caregivers ready to join your family. If you or your loved ones enjoyed the presence of a senior family member this Memorial Day weekend, but wish you had a little more time to enjoy them, give us a call today.

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