Gina Farmer

Growing up, I was surrounded by loving, nurturing parents who instilled in me the life-long lessons of caring for others who may be in need. It was presented as a kind word, a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Through the example of my parents, I have seen the impact a little help has on people’s lives. My desire is to continue to live out the lessons my parents passionately taught, by making a small difference in the lives of the elderly. Gina Farmer went to Middle Tennessee State University and studied Graphic Design. She later took a more focused role in home care by over seeing 13 counties in Tennessee. Gina has experience in every aspect of home care with personal experience as a caregiver, dedication to effective administration and passion to spread the Preferred Care message through outreach. It is through this wealth of knowledge and practice that Gina understands the needs of the elderly and their families.