4 Ways to Pay for Senior Home Care

“You hope your mother, father, or spouse can remain home, but, you wonder, is it really possible? Is home care affordable?

When given a choice, seniors prefer to stay in their home. The thought of having to leave a home that’s filled with memories can be devastating to seniors and their family members. Yet, when care is needed, who is able to provide the necessary care and who pays?

There is often a progression that can be followed when the questions of senior home care arises. First, a family member, such as the oldest daughter to the senior, begins to notice the unkempt house. It starts with the little things, a dusty mantle, expired food in the refrigerator, all things that can be easily taken care of. The daughter steps in. Saturday mornings are spent cleaning mom’s house and running to the grocery store. Little by little the daughter’s week is filled with doctor’s appointments, housekeeping tasks, and medication reminders.

Soon it becomes apparent that more help is needed. Other family members are brought into the discussion, and a call is placed to a senior home care company. This is where Preferred Care at Home steps into the process. We understand that making that first call to a senior home care company is not easy,  in fact it can be very emotional and overwhelming. It is difficult to watch your senior loved one struggle to remain in their home. You hope your mother, father, or spouse can remain home, but, you wonder, is it really possible? Is home care affordable?

Yes! It is possible for seniors to remain in their home. And, yes! It is affordable. In fact, one of the most affordable senior-care options is in-home care.  There are also ways that care can be provided at no cost to seniors. Here are a few ways to pay for home care services:

1. Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefit

Is your loved one a veteran? Was his or her spouse a veteran? If so, there is a benefit available for the purpose of providing home care services. For more information about this benefit, visit our resources page.

2. Long Term Care Insurance

Often, seniors with long term care policies never utilize their benefits. Many hold on to the policies for future use, not realizing that the time to use the policy is now.

3. Personal Savings and Assets – Reverse Mortgage

Have you spent the time reviewing your financial options?  With a reverse mortgage, you get money back based partly on what your house is worth.

4. Families Come Together

Adult children often come together to care for their senior parents. When family members are spread across the country, helping with home care costs becomes a way they can tangibly care for their loved one.

For a complete list of ways to pay for home care, visit our Resources Page – Paying for Home Care or contact a location near you.



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