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Too often, with age comes loneliness. The feeling that no one cares creeps in. Aging has a way of reminding you of family members and friends who have passed on. You can feel like you’re alone.

Senior women having coffee break


It’s our mission at Preferred Care at Home to alleviate that loneliness and bring joy and companionship. Our caregivers can also travel with clients, providing transportation to the theater, doctor, church or coffee shop.

Companion care is available from 1 hour to 24 hours. It’s an excellent choice for seniors who live alone or don’t have a lot of family and friends nearby. It also works well for short-term respite care. The primary caregiver gets a much-needed break, and the senior loved one has fun interacting with another caring person. And of course, companion care is included in our signature live-in care service.

Preferred Care at Home’s extensive senior companion care services include meal monitoring, transportation planning visits and trips, help with minor tasks, and of course, companionship. Here is the full list of services included:

Personal Interaction:

  • Engaging in companionship and conversation
  • Reminiscing about the past
  • Discussing current and historical events
  • Playing games and cards
  • Renting and playing movies
  • Maintaining a family scrapbook
  • Encouraging participation with crafts
  • Helping read
  • Directing morning wake-up and evening tuck-in
  • Helping select clothes
  • Mailing letters and bills
  • Monitoring eating patterns and diet
  • Inspecting food expiration dates
  • Maintaining a calendar
  • Arranging appointments and providing reminders

Social Interaction:

  • Planning visits, outings and trips
  • Visiting neighbors and friends
  • Encouraging interaction with loved ones
  • Encouraging participation in and assisting with community activities
  • Monitoring visitors
  • Providing incidental transportation to:
      – Doctor appointments
      – The pharmacy
      – Social outings
      – Lunch or dinner
      – Plays and concerts
      – Movies
      – Religious services
      – Sporting events
      – Club meetings

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