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What IS covered by the original Medicare plan?

If you are eligible for home health care, the Original Medicare Plan will cover the following:

1.  Skilled nursing care on a part-time or intermittent basis. Skilled nursing care includes services and care that can only be done safely and correctly by a licensed nurse (either a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse). The services must be reasonable and necessary for the treatment of your illness or injury.

2.  Home health aide services on a part-time or intermittent basis. A home health aide doesn’t have a nursing license. The aide provides support services for skilled nursing care. These services include help with personal care such as bathing, using the toilet, or dressing.

(Medicare doesn’t cover home health aide services unless you are also getting skilled care such as nursing care or other therapy from the home health agency. The home health aide services must be part of the care for your illness or injury).

Certain types of therapy are also covered for as long as your doctor says you need it:

1.  Physical therapy, which includes exercise to regain movement and strength to a body area, and training on how to use special equipment or perform daily activities, like how to get in and out of a wheelchair or bathtub.

2.  Speech-language pathology service, which includes therapy to regain and strengthen speaking and swallowing skills, as well as listening, reading, and memory skills.

3.  Occupational therapy, which helps you learn how to do usual daily activities by yourself. You might learn new ways to eat, put on clothes, comb your hair, and perform other usual daily activities. You may continue to get occupational therapy even if you no longer need other skilled care.

4.  Medical social services under the direction of a doctor to help you with social and emotional concerns related to your illness. This might include counseling or help in finding resources in your community.

5.  Certain medical supplies, like wound dressings, that are ordered as part of your care.

6.  Durable medical equipment, when ordered, is covered separately by Medicare. This equipment must meet criteria for coverage. Medicare usually pays 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for certain pieces of medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or walker.

As you can see, Medicare pays for that skilled intermittent service or treatment for those who are acutely ill.  It typically is short term and those recipients of this service often will need supplemental assistance to retain their independence at home.  Preferred Care at Home’s founders have been providing that complimentary service for over 25 years.  Find a location neare you to find out more about these services.

At Preferred Care at Home, we come along side one’s Medicare benefit or in the absence of that benefit, to assist those in maintaining their independence in their home.

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