Senior Home Care: Work Hard and Help Others

For my entire life I have watched my parents work diligently to help the elderly in their community. When I was just a baby, I was brought to the office and propped on the desk as my dad made placements and talked to clients and caregivers. The message I was taught from a young age was to work hard and help others. As I grew, so did the senior home care business that my grandma and parents started in 1984. Now, a franchise system serving seniors across the nation and providing jobs for thousands of caregivers, the message has remained the same: work hard and help others.

It’s simple, my dad would say, live by the golden rule, do for others as you would have them do for you. This simple philosophy drives the way my family provides senior home care. When we care for seniors we care for the whole family. For us, senior home care is not simply sending a caregiver to a home to make a meal and a bed, but a calling to make a difference in a person’s life. I’ve seen first hand this approach to life change the day, week and even life of many people. A day is brightened for a grieving senior client when a caregiver commits to bringing a smile to his face every day. A week is full of work for a caregiver whose passion is to care for the elderly. A life is changed for a homemaker, a business man, a nurse, who makes a career change to start a senior home care company.

At Preferred Care at Home we work hard to find the very best caregivers so that we can provide exceptional care to the seniors in our communities. We work hard to communicate with family, doctors, therapists so care plans are carried out effectively. We work hard providing resources, home safety checks, personal health records and much more so that seniors can remain safe in the home they love. We work hard so we can provide reliable, compassionate and affordable care. We work hard because we want to help others.

Our “Preferred Family” has grown over the years, but the message has stayed the same.  And now, as I prop my own daughter on my desk as I answer emails and write about senior-related issues, a legacy is passed.

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*Pictured from left to right: Jody Guerrieri, Lois Whitesell, Jan Whitesell, Frank Guerrieri and baby Francesca Robinson.

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