How to Remember Your Most Important Questions at the Doctor’s Office

You’re in the clinic waiting room, mentally reciting all your questions for the fifth time. You’re moments away from answers—finally. You don’t want to forget a thing. Then the doctor comes in, and the nerves set in, and the information starts coming, and before you know it the appointment’s over. On the way home … you realize you forgot one of your main questions. Doggone it. Ever happened to you? The simple solution: Make a list—and prioritize. That’s what Jim Miller, author of The Savvy Senior, suggests in a recent syndicated column, which features tips about how to make the most of your doctor’s appointment.

Make a written list of the top three or four issues you want to discuss with your doctor. Since most appointments last between 10 and 15 minutes, this can help you stay on track and ensure you address your most pressing concerns first. If you’re in for a diagnostic visit, you should prepare a detailed description of your symptoms.

Preferred Care at Home supports that method too. In fact, there’s a place for you to list your questions in our new Personal Health Record, which you’ll soon be able to download for free from this site.

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