Senior Home Care Services Created Just for You

Since 1984, my family has been committed to providing reliable, compassionate, and affordable senior home care services in the comfort and security of your beloved home, or wherever you call home. The process of starting home care services is often a daunting one, but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, your care services should be created specifically for your needs and your desires. However, instead you or your senior loved one may feel forced into new living arrangements and care environments that don’t feel personalized to you.

What would it look like to have senior home care services created just for you? What would it feel like to be heard, your concerns addressed, and your needs met? We think it would look like home care by Preferred Care at Home.

Senior home care services created just for you:

1. Senior home care in the comfort of home. Not many things in life are better than living in your own home. After any trip, regardless of the length, I am ready to be back to my comfortable bed and familiar surroundings. For many seniors, home symbolizes independence, holds memories, and offers stability– giving this up is unthinkable. The great news is you don’t have to give it up! You can have the care you need in your own home.

2. Senior home care structured around you. Our administrative staff works with you to create the care package that fits your needs perfectly. Whether it is one hour a day or 24-hours a day, in-home care is created just for you. Food can be prepped and cooked that fits your likes and dislikes, the house can be maintained to your specifications, and dress and hygiene reminders/assistance can be set to your schedule.

3. Senior home care at affordable prices. The cost of care is always a concern, which is why we have worked to keep our prices affordable and the quality of our care exceptional. Home care is one of the most affordable options for senior care. In additional to being affordable, there are many ways to pay for home care such as long-term care insurance and Veterans benefits. You can read more about paying for home care by visiting our resource page.

At Preferred Care at Home we have the honor of assisting seniors to remain in the homes they love, living out their golden years with dignity and independence. If you have questions about our in home care services created just for you, give us a call today. Reliable, compassionate, affordable… We Promise!


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