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COVID-19 Update

In recent weeks, we have all felt the impact of the novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). This virus has altered the landscape of the world around us and has created new challenges that must be overcome. At Preferred Care at Home, we are particularly attuned to the increased risk this pandemic presents for our senior population. We are closely monitoring the situation and the resulting effect on seniors’ lives, while continuing to do what we always do, namely, providing exceptionally reliable, compassionate, and affordable in-home care.

We believe that when given the choice of where to live, seniors prefer home. In these difficult times, one’s home also remains the safest option for seniors as we aim to reduce possible exposure to the virus. We consider it a privilege to come alongside thousands of individuals across the nation to ensure that seniors receive the care they need, where they want it.

We have always been tirelessly committed to providing only the most excellent and reliable caregivers. Beyond our rigorous hiring and training processes, caregivers are receiving ongoing guidance on best practices for stopping the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For example, beyond universal precautions, proper hygiene, and frequent hand washing, our caregivers will measure his or her own temperature at the beginning of every shift to ensure there is no fever. Additionally, if a client has a fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms, caregivers will wear personal protective gear and notify the care coordinator and/or family members, so that appropriate medical care can be provided. We will continue to update our caregivers on best practices based on the most recent information from the CDC and WHO, as well as individual state guidelines.

While the coronavirus presents challenges, it is during times of trial that we see some of the greatest acts of kindness and love. As the calls for social distancing continue and doors are closed on movie theaters, restaurants, and places of worship across the nation, we have an opportunity to come together in solidarity to protect the most vulnerable amongst us. We at Preferred Care at Home will do whatever it takes to continue providing safe, exceptional care for our seniors.