What Mom Means to Me

Good day everyone!  Today’s conversation centers around how special our mothers are!  It is incredible how much love and affection our mother’s have for us even before birth.  Life is a journey and we must always remember the life brought to us through our mothers.

I recall the many times when my mother nurtured me.  It would vary from cookies and milk after school, to doing my laundry, to grooming me to go to school and most importantly, taking me to Sunday school every Sunday.  Her biblical teachings have had a profound effect on my life and on the lives of my sons.

Now that mom is in her late 70’s, I see that she can not remember things so clearly.  She is slow to walk across the house, she falls asleep as we watch “oldies” on television.  I love my mother!  She has been the mainstay and the strong “rock” of all our peaks and valleys and her faith in God has never, ever wavered!  For that, I am thankful!

Seeing mom age gracefully has also caused my sisters and I to consider how will we take care of her as she continues life.  We know that she wants to be independent.  We know that she still thinks that she is as strong as when she was young.  But who are we fooling?  My two sisters and I live at least 150 miles from our mother.  This mother’s day, the siblings will meet before we visit mom.  We each have a list of things to discuss.  From mom’s health, to how safe is her home (our childhood home), to who is going to take care of mom when she continues to age. This is the responsible thing to do for someone that cared so much for us since birth.

We want to be very proactive now while we can before it is too late.  That is precisely why it is important to plan ahead.  We definitely need a reliable, compassionate, understanding and experienced senior home care agency that will assist mom in her gradual transition.  The vetting process for this will be detailed.  I know my sisters and I will make the right decision.  After all, we want the best for mom!

This Mother’s Day, I urge you to look beyond the celebration of the day and of the woman that is so special in our lives.  Look beyond as to what must be done to care for her as she ages and how to make that transition of this care as painless and as smooth as possible.  It can be done!

I wish all a Happy Mother’s Day!  May God continue blessing all mothers out there and that their legacy continues from generation to generation.

All the best……..

Until next time,

Abraham Martinez

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