6 Tips for Holiday and Winter Safety

A cold front swept across the country this week creating dangerous situations for many, especially seniors. It is crucial this holiday and winter season to take the appropriate steps to keep you and your home safe from fires and other winter hazards. Here are a few winter safety tips to help keep you and your senior loved one safe:

1. Clean Your Fireplace: Have your fireplace inspected at the beginning of the winter season. The leading factor contributing to home fires is failure to properly clean chimneys (according to NFPA).

2. Water Your Tree: Be sure to keep your Christmas tree well-watered. Keeping your tree as fresh as possible will make it less of a fire hazard.

3. Use Flashlights for Emergency Lighting: The holidays are a time where we love to fill our home with twinkling candles. However, a winter storm is not the time to light your house with candlelight. Instead, keep flashlights and back up batteries easily accessible in case the electricity goes out in a storm.

4. Check Your Smoke Detectors: Be sure you have a smoke detector on each floor of your house and in the room where you are sleeping. Many smoke detectors are dependent on an electrical source so check to make sure they have back up batteries in case of a power outage.

5. Have an Emergency Plan: Discuss an emergency plan with your senior loved one that includes who to call, where to go, and important next steps.

6. Build an Emergency Kit: Don’t be caught off guard by a winter storm. Purchase an emergency kit or assemble your own. Be sure it includes food, water, batteries, a copy of the emergency plan, first aid kit, medications and blankets.

If you are reading this winter safety list and you are concerned about your senior loved one being on his or her own this winter season, contact Preferred Care at Home today. We specialize in live-in care, which provides you 24-hour peace of mind so you can know your loved one has someone by his side no matter what the weather is like. Contact a location near you to learn more.

Visit the U.S. Fire Administration for more information on winter safety.

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