3 Quick Tips to Make Technology Easier

In the last two years, an explosion of portable communications technology has leapt into the laps of consumers, and many older people are keeping pace by adopting these new technologies as well. Not only are tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks a great way to keep up with family, but they’re also handy for keeping your mind busy on a slow day around the house.

If you or someone you know is a senior adopter of this new portable technology, here are a few tips to help your family make the most out of your new tablet, smartphone or ultrabook:

  1. Update your device regularly. Portable devices especially require regular maintenance, just like many other high-end purchases you may own. Luckily, you don’t have to drop your tablet off to get an oil change. Instead, to keep your device running at its best, simply check for a system update at least once a month. On iOS devices you can do this by accessing Settings/General/Software Update. Android devices vary by manufacturer but generally have a System Update menu within their Settings or Security menu.
  2. Take advantage of entertainment and communication apps. Popular music apps like Songza, Spotify, Pandora or iTunes can turn your “email machine” into a comforting symphony of your favorite tunes. If you have a Kindle, you’re likely already using it to read plenty of e-books, but did you know that most iOS and Android devices can also download literature? Communication apps like Skype and Google Voice can help you stay in touch with family members who are far away, and give you some long-distance face time with them as well.
  3. Finally, if I could offer only one tip above all others to make your technology more useful it would be this: Know your passwords. There is truly nothing more frustrating than spending an afternoon on the phone trying to remember your email password. I cannot count the number of seniors I’ve talked to who don’t get the most out of their portable device because they don’t know theirs. Both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store require you to have secure login information before you can download any apps. Apple users can reset their Apple ID password here, and Android users can reset theirs here.

We’re fortunate to live in a time where communication has become almost instant wherever we are. While technology can often require copious amounts of patience to adopt, it almost always pays dividends in the end.

Has technology helped you or your family members stay in touch recently? Let us know how, and share your story with the Preferred Care at Home family today.

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