The Elderly Benefit Greatly from Regular Exercise

It’s no secret that regular exercise has a host of health benefits. Yet most of the older adults in the country still live inactive lifestyles. This trend has to stop, because one of the effective ways to provide elderly care is to show the elderly how they can care for themselves and getting them on a regular exercise routine. Just twenty minutes of moderate physical activity practiced three times a week can mean a world of difference. Currently just 31 percent of individuals aged 65-74 stick to such a regimen, though; and a mere 23 percent of adults 75 and older are getting the recommended level of exercise in. Those who are active enjoy benefits that cannot be ignored:

•    Lowered blood pressure
•    Lowered cholesterol
•    Increased bone density
•    Increased range of motion
•    Reduced symptoms of depression and pain
•    Improved mental alertness and mood
•    Reduced risk of chronic diseases
•    Improved balance and fewer falls
•    Improved functional ability and independence

Healthy Moves for Aging Well is a simple and safe in-home physical activity program that was developed and tested by Partners in Care. Its purpose is to enhance the activity level of frail, high-risk sedentary seniors who live at home. The model was developed for community-based elderly care management programs such as ours that arrange and deliver services to seniors right in their own homes.

Visit their website to see some of the activities for yourself and contact us for a detailed briefing on how our elderly care professionals can assist your loved ones with practicing regular exercise techniques.

Disclaimer: The materials and content contained in this article are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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