Tackle Your Next Home Organization Project with Confidence

It wasn’t until I lived in the northeast that I began to really anticipate spring. My daily routine consists of checking the weather channel for the next burst of warmth and sunshine and planning my schedule accordingly. Let’s just say I was very spoiled living in Florida and took warmth for granted! And with the warm(ish) temperatures, comes spring organization!

While an internet search will reveal hundreds of home organizational tips, here are just a few tips that will help you lighten up your home as we transition seasons.

1. Develop a Home Organization Plan

Start by looking around your home. What areas of clutter do you need to tackle? Is it the front entryway that collects everything from the car? Or the linen closet that needs a little TLC? List all the areas that need some attention and rank in order of importance. (Tip: start small, but make it an area that you see every day so you can feel the reward for your efforts.)

2. Set Manageable and Reachable Goals

Look at your home organization plan, now set timelines that are realistic. Take into account your own personal challenges and limitations. For example, I have been working on one organization project a week for the last month. This allows me to continually make progress on the house, without becoming overwhelmed and quitting while everything is in disarray.

3. Create Organization Piles

When you are ready to begin, pull everything out. Next, sort into three piles: keep, trash, donate/sell. From here, you will organize the “keep” pile with baskets, bins, or shelves. Organization bins can be found at many different home decor or home organization stores, but start by looking around your home for items that can help you reign in the clutter without having to make extra purchases.

4. Ask for Help with your Home Organization

When it comes to home organization, there are many challenges that can make organization difficult or even impossible. Some of these challenges include:

  • Sentimental attachment to many items
  • Too much work required to organize and clean effectively
  • Personal health makes adequate home organization difficult or impossible
  • It is not an organizational issue but a hoarding issue 

If you are facing some of these challenges, asking for help may be the next best step. Organization help could come in many forms, such as asking a family caregiver to help you clear out your entryway or hiring a professional to assist with the entire home.

With these simple tips, you can tackle your next home organization project with confidence!

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