Profiles in Care: Shaunette Hyman

“It comes natural to me,” says Shaunette Hyman, on why she was originally called to care.

Shaunette has been with almost since we opened the doors back in 2009, and she still remembers her first client. “I’ll never forget her,” Shaunette says with a smile, “She taught me a lot, including patience, and I’m very thankful for that.”

Shaunette remained on assignment with that same client for over a year, an achievment that underscores her ability to connect with seniors. “I love the people aspect of [caregiving]. I love to listen to people go on and on with their stories. I love talking to people,” Shaunette said.

Some seniors need long-term care, others need assistance for only a short while. Shaunette has worked with all types of clients.

“I’ve had so many different experiences. Every new client is a new relationship, and chance to find a unique way to help someone with whatever they’re dealing with,” Shaunette said.

Shaunette Hyman was born in Jamaica, and has an associates degree as a surgical technician. She found that she didn’t care for the operating room, preferring to work directly with people instead, so she became a Certified Nurses Aide and joined Preferred Care at Home. She lives in Ringold with her three sons and their dog.

As we conclude our discussion, Shaunette pauses to reflect for a moment. “I’ve learned a lot from the older generation. You would think that in this work that I would be the one giving, but I’ve recieved a lot as well.”

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