Profiles in Care: Nada “Joy” Hyde

Joy Hyde Finds Success Through Music and Compassion

Joy Hyde answered her call to senior care when she volunteered to visit elderly church members at age 15.  “It started with people that my parents knew.  I’d just go visit them, and then I was asked to go visit other seniors in the church,” Joy said, “It really grew from there.”

She’s spent her life anwswering her calling as a volunteer, but didn’t enter caregiving professionally until a nurse referred her to Preferred Care at Home.

“When I saw that Preferred Care at Home was nominated for Small Business of the Year in Chattanooga, I knew  it was a good company and who I wanted to work with,” Joy said.

From her earliest experiences as a caregiver, Joy has always had success in making connections with seniors that suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia through song.  “I quickly learn what their favorite song is, and I’d try to get them singing.  That’s such a great way to make a connection,” she said.

Joy’s succes as a caregiver doesn’t come through music alone.  “I read about (caregiving).  I research things about caregiving on my own so I can learn about the latest things to try and use to take care of my clients,” said Joy.

Acording to Joy it’s important for families that have elderly loved ones to allow them to stay connected to their communities.  “Find ways to allow your family members to continue to participate in the things that they enjoy.  Sometimes that happens in small ways, but that’s okay – it’s so valuable,” she said.

Joy brings decades of experience to her role at Preferred Care at Home, and is happy to share what she’s learned with others.  When asked what advice she would give to other caregivers, Joy keeps it simple: “Listen.”  She explains, “Every caregiver has tasks that they need to complete, but don’t let that get in the way of truly hearing what the client’s needs are on a particular day.  Listening is so important.”

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