Participating in the Senior Resource Panel

I love events, basketball games, tennis matches, weddings and showers, whatever the event was it is always a great time to spend with friends and family. After a big event, our family would sit back and talk about it. I always wanted to know from my kids,  “What did you enjoy the most about it?”

Recently, I just finished being a part of Preferred Care at Home’s first Senior Resource Panel, and my daughter, who works in Public Relations asked me the question this time,  “Mom sit down and write about the Senior Resource Panel and tells us what you enjoyed about it.”

I came up with the idea of the Senior Resource Panel because I wanted to help seniors in their community connect with key service providers that they knew little to nothing about, and that is exactly what we did, but in the end I also fulfilled many of my own needs.

First, I was able to connect and get to know the wonderful seniors in our community.  Secondly, I was able to connect with other senior service providers who shared their hearts for seniors while providing quality information. And lastly, I was able to connect with both the seniors and the service providers by telling my own story.  While I was thinking about the event it dawned on me, why I enjoyed this event so much, I like the feeling of knowing people and I like people to know me, and the Senior Resource Panel gave me that opportunity.

The desire to be know and be known is a common desire. It is innate within us. We want to connect and be known by our friends and family. The Senior Resource Panel takes the idea of the necessity of connecting and brings it to the seniors so they can connect with experts in the community. The tag line for the Senior Resource Panel is “Guiding you through the maze of senior resources in your community” and “ We care, We share.” Finding the resources seniors need can be an overwhelming task. A task that can easily make seniors and seniors’ loved ones feel disconnected and discouraged. We understand, and our intentions are to connect you to a wealth of senior resources in your community in a personal way.

I had a great time at the first Senior Resource Panel that was held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I hope to participate in more panel events, and enjoy meeting other seniors while  being  a part of  passing on quality information in a warm community setting.  If you have questions about the Senior Resource Panel please visit our website at or call us at 866-690-7733.

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