Men More Likely to Need Urgent Care After Hospitalization, Study Suggests

After a trip to the hospital, men may be more likely than women to pay a return visit to the ER, according to HealthDay News. Many of the reasons may be preventable.

Reporting on research published in BMJ Open, HealthDay says:

The study found that the return rate for urgent care within 30 days of discharge was 29 percent for women and 47 percent for men. Men were twice as likely to go to the emergency room, according to a journal news release.

Many key factors predicted men’s return to hospital. They were 72 percent more likely to return if they were unmarried or retired, 64 percent more likely if they had not seen their family doctor since their discharge and 53 percent more likely if they were depressed.

This study wasn’t done specifically in elderly people, who have high rates of hospital readmission anyway. But it’s a good reminder that after you leave the hospital, the work isn’t done.

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