Memorial Day: A Day to Remember

There are many who never forget. They remember every day, perhaps every moment of every day, the loss and the sacrifice. They wake up and experience the missing piece, the loved one who is no longer waking up beside them or the son or daughter who will never grow old. They don’t need Memorial Day, remembering their fallen heroes is something that is never far from their mind.

I need Memorial Day. I need to take a moment to pause and reflect on the heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice, those who died while serving my country. Our nation needs Memorial Day, to collectively slow down, gather together, and to honor those who died. Our armed service men and women make sacrifices every day, but today, we remember the risk. We remember the price, the very high price.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a three-day weekend. It’s wonderful to have that extra day. Most of us have plans to spend time with friends or family. Maybe you are heading to the beach, attending a cookout, or watching a parade. In all the activities that today allows, I want to encourage you to remember the reason we have this national holiday. Think about the sacrifice, reflect with awe and gratitude on the lengths that brave souls went to protect us and our freedom.

If this Memorial Day, you don’t need the reminder to remember those who died while serving, would you share your story? It can be as simple as sharing funny anecdotes of your loved one over the dinner table. Or perhaps you want to take to social media, post a picture and honor your loved one that way. Stories are powerful, they help us remember. Today, and all days, we want to remember.


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