Leave a Legacy

Our Parents, Grandparents and Great-grandparents have so many stories. Stories that forever changed the world we live in today. They experienced first hand the struggle of the Great Depression, the horror of Pearl Harbor, the new beat of Rock and Roll, the march of Martin Luther King. They worked in factories and plants, they tilled the soil and started businesses. They made America strong with their hard work.

At Preferred Care at Home we believe in celebrating the life of seniors. We do this through our program “Leave a Legacy.” This program is an effort to combat ageism, bridge the generation gap, and to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of seniors everywhere through the telling of story. And what stories they have!

Do you or your loved one have a story to tell? We would love to hear it! You can write your story out or record yourself telling the story. Leave your legacy by telling your story, we know it’s worth hearing.

Preferred Care at Home knows how important it is to tell your story. We’ve created a list of questions to help guide you through the telling of your story. Contact us at 866-690-7733 for assistance in telling your stories.

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