Getting Important Papers in Order

I lost both of my parents before age 40 and within seven months of each other.  I remember a few years before that, my father would remind me,  “I have all our important papers in one place.”


At the time, I remember being very uncomfortable each time he mentioned it, but when it came time to find them, I was so thankful he had; it made it a lot easier for me.  Everything was prearranged, right down to picking up the prepaid flowers for their caskets.

This isn’t an easy subject to talk about, I realize that, but I also realize it is the loving thing to do. In the end, wishes are honored and burdens are lifted off loved ones.

When our Care Coordinator visits your home, she will gently guide you, if you haven’t already, to talk to your loved ones and family about these issues. She will encourage you to have written documents to support your wishes.  She can supply you with Advance Directives, or you can visit to print state-specific forms for Advance Directives.

Another helpful tool, by the National Institute on Aging, is a brochure on “Getting Your Affairs in Order.” is a great help, as it names the important papers you should have in one place.

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