Five Tips to Help You Reflect

Two thousand and twenty-three, here we are! It’s a new year with new resolutions and new possibilities. We begin 2022, as we begin every year, focusing on the future, what we want to accomplish, the weight we want to lose, the books we want to read, the budget we want to make. But, we can’t fully prepare for the new year, without taking the time to reflect back on the past year.

Reflection is hard work, it’s more than just posting your #bestnine on Instagram (Best Nine is an app that generates your most liked posts from the year and creates a collage for you to share with the online world). Reflecting back takes time, but can help you prepare for 2023.

Five Tips to Help You Reflect Back on 2022

  1. Carve out the time and find a quiet place. The first step is to intentionally create time and space to reflect. This may seem obvious, but without intentionality, reflection won’t happen.
  2. Write out your thoughts. Bring a journal, notepad, or computer to write out your thoughts. Divide the year into categories or themes.
  3. Scroll through your photos from the year. Start with January 2022, and slowly scroll through your pictures from the year. If you’re anything like me, then this exercise will take a while What stands out to you? Are you surprised by what you feel? What makes you feel happy? Sad?
  4. Look through your bank statements. Where did you spend your resources? Was it on healthcare, travel, home repairs? How does your finances fit into the categories of your year.
  5. Practice Gratitude. How does the year prompt a grateful heart? Maybe you were surprised by the amount of money you spent on healthcare services, but your reflection leads you to feel grateful for access to quality services. How did 2022 challenge and stretch you? Write it down and look for ways to cultivate a grateful heart.

This exercise make take you a few minutes or a few hours. But I encourage you to take the time to reflect on 2018. I believe that we can move into 2023 with joy and anticipation if we take the time to reflect back on the previous year.

Happy New Year!

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