Financial Advice for Caregivers: 3 Websites With Tips

This time of year is about gratitude, family and food—you pick which comes first. On the family end, if you’re caring for aging parents, whether through hands-on help or guidance from afar, you may find some information recently put out by the National Council on Aging helpful.

In a press release, they list six websites that can help caregivers find financial advice and aid. “Dec. 7—the end of Medicare open enrollment—is approaching, and this time of year offers a perfect opportunity for caregivers to use holiday gatherings to help their loved ones select coverage and find other assistance,” Nora Dowd Eisenhower, senior vice president of Economic Security at NCOA, says in the release. (You can read more about open enrollment here.)

Below are three of the websites, with the NCOA’s descriptions:

BenefitsCheckUp®  ( is a free, confidential, online service that screens for over 2,000 public and private programs that can help people with Medicare pay for prescriptions, health care, food, housing, and more. Last year alone, BenefitsCheckUp® helped over 180,000 apply for and receive $380 million in benefits.

Home Equity Advisor ( helps older homeowners explore how they might be able to use their home equity to stay healthy and secure as they age. More than 2,400 older homeowners have used the site’s Quick Check in the past year to find solutions appropriate to their situation.

The Family Care Navigator from the Family Caregiving Alliance ( provides state-by-state information on government, nonprofit, and private programs for caregivers and their loved ones.

We hope these resources help and that above all you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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