News Break: When Siblings Clash: Elder-Care Mediators to the Rescue

When Mom or Dad needs home care, the family tends to come together—whether they want to or not.

Sometimes, siblings find it best to live separate lives. Not all of us have perfect, happy families. But a parent who needs help often needs it from all the kids. Problems erupt when all those kids have different opinions on what kind of help that should be. Does Mom need home care? Should Dad move to assisted living? Who can help around the house? Who can pay for the care?

When major family disagreements crop up, one solution is to meet with an elder-care mediator. Boomer blog The Boomington Post explains:

These are third-party arbiters, such as a social worker or a lawyer, whose task it is to keep siblings from throttling one another when they gather in a room, especially when it is to discuss money matters. An objective view, rather than an emotional one, is key when considering the medical needs of the parent, what is available and how much can be contributed from each child when one of the offspring can’t stay home with the parent in question.

The post also has other tips on how to build bridges with estranged siblings during this difficult time.

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