Dear Family Caregiver, You Inspire Us

Dear Family Caregiver,

Thank you. Thank you for what you do, day in, day out. It often goes without saying, but it is something that desperately needs to be said: thank you for the sacrifices you make to care for your loved one.

Sacrifice. It’s something you understand all too well. You sacrifice your own health, wellness, goals and plans for the well-being of your senior loved one. But, even when you often feel like it is not enough, you are enough. You keep giving and loving even when it feels like you have nothing else to give.

It’s National Family Caregiver month, a time to acknowledge the 42 million Americans who dedicate countless hours to caring for their loved ones. But more than that, we want to acknowledge you. Your journey, your story, your family.

You inspire us. You inspire us to provide better care, give more of ourselves, and share more of our hearts.

It’s a full-time job managing the care of your loved one, but it’s not your only job. Gone are the days of the 9-5. Days that brought stress before pale in comparison to your new normal. And still you manage. You are exhausted, but you manage your home, your senior loved one’s home, your job, and so much more.

Despite the pain and tears, you find moments for joy. You laugh and dance and enjoy precious moments with your loved one. Those are memories that can never be taken away from you. It’s what you hold on to through the dark, sleepless nights. It’s what keeps you moving forward though the care plan seems to be ever-changing.

Do you know how amazing you are? Do you know how strong you are? You know where your efforts fall short, the guilt you feel over not doing enough, the pressure to be in too many places at once. But do you know how amazing you are?

We know. We see it. You are amazing. You are strong. You are an amazing daughter, son, spouse. You are a strong caregiver.

Our hope for you is that you will be encouraged this month, that you will feel renewed to continue to care and to give. A month is not nearly enough, but it’s a start.

So, thank you. Thank you for your commitment to love and family.


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