Caring for a Senior with Dementia

Dementia care requires an understanding of the disease and knowledge on how to best care for your loved one to keep them safe.

Dementia Care: How to create a supportive environment

-providing extra security measures such as posting notes to serve as reminders (e.g. turn stove off)

-keeping the environment familiar e.g. don’t move furniture around

-establish and maintain a regular daily routine

-keeping the client oriented. (e.g clock, calendar, radio, night light)


Dementia Care:  How to evaluate for home for safety and take corrective actions

-removing scatter rugs

-storing household cleaners and harmful substances in a safe place

-removing sharp & breakable objects from the environment

-using plastic eating and drinking utensils

-provide structure and routine

-schedule low-stress activities

-speak slowly and clearly to facilitate their understanding of what is being said

-provide simple explanations on everything said

-research community resources which will benefit the client

-encourage them to share their memories, as long as they can recall them

-plan physical activities, as they will offset disruptive behavior

-encourage mental activities (e.g. reading, crafts, keeping abreast with current events)

-provide the client’s basic needs


For more information on how to handle specific behaviors associated with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, click here.

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