Caregivers: Have You Ever Silently Screamed?

Can you relate?

In a new public service advertisement from AARP, overwhelmed caregivers silently scream while juggling kids, paperwork and care. Does the ad ring true to you? We’ve posted it below.

It touts a section of AARP’s website that educates family caregivers. In an article about the campaign, the Associated Press explains* that being overwhelmed partly comes from not knowing where to find the help you need:

“Most caregivers don’t know where to turn for help,” said AARP vice president Debra Whitman, whose own family has experienced caregiving twice, for her grandmother and her mother-in-law. …

Although they often don’t identify themselves as “caregivers,” more than 42 million Americans perform some form of consistent care for older or impaired adult relatives or friends, according to a 2009 estimate. It can range from paying bills, to driving Mom to doctor appointments, to more hands-on care such as bathing, and even tasks once left to nurses such as the care of open wounds.

“At first you’re just helping out Mom. Then it can become more than a fulltime job,” said AARP’s Whitman.

If you’re feeling frustrated and don’t know where to turn, we’re always here for you, to help you find the support you need.


*Associated Press articles may be online only for a limited time.

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