A Step-by-Step Guide to Medicare Drug Plan Finder 2010

A fast way to find the least expensive Medicare Part D drug plan that covers your prescriptions

This AARP guide provides a useful online tool that allows you to compare many drug plans side-by-side to find your best deal. The plan finder does the math for you, so that you can see your likely out-of-pocket costs—premium, deductible and copays for the specific drugs you use—throughout the year.

Print this guide so that you can use it as you go. Each step refers to each successive page you see on the screen.

  1. Go to www.medicare.gov and click on Compare Drug Plans.
  2. Click on Find & Compare Plans.
  3. IGNORE “Begin Personalized Search.” Click on Begin General Search.
  4. Enter ZIP Code. IGNORE age and health status boxes. Answer the next three questions on this page. Click on Continue.(However, if you qualify for Extra Help in paying for your drugs, click Yes and go now to the “Other Kinds of Searches” section below in this guide for special steps on how to proceed from here.)
  5. On the next page (“Review Current Coverage and Consider Options”), click on Continue.
  6. 6. Click on Enter My Drugs.


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