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Meet The Owners, George & Jill Malanga

George & Jill MalangaWhen Jill and I met, one of the first things I noticed was her compassion and continuous desires to help other people. It is a characteristic that is threaded throughout her entire family. As one of seven children, she learned at an early age that team work is essential to a successful family.

Soon after our marriage, my father passed away and it became obvious that my mother needed some care. Jill never hesitated to take the lead and help my mother with many of her daily living activities. As time went on, my mother’s condition worsened and Jill was always there for her. Eventually we hired a caregiver to tend to my mother on a full time basis.

As a son, I also spent many hours helping my parents maintain their independence and dignity while they still lived in their home. Although they were quite independent, Jill and I always took the time to help them in any way necessary.

As a teacher for more than twenty-seven years, and a musician for more than forty years, I have spent a lot of time helping people both young and elderly. As a musician, I played numerous times at nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. That experience enhanced my passion for the elderly and taught me how important they are: they are society’s living legacies. In addition, when I was in college, I was “elected” by my roommates to deliver the rent to our landlord. She was an elderly lady who lived next door. I always took the time to converse with her. I could tell that she looked forward to my visit and our conversations. She had many great stories, which I always found entertaining and interesting. Yes, she looked forward to the rent too.

When the opportunity came to begin a journey in senior in home care, we both knew it was a perfect fit for our lives and our hearts. We are now very proud to be part of the Preferred Care at Home family.


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