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Meet The Owner, John Kerns

Preferred Care at Home of Chattanooga’s John Kerns fully-realized his commitment to compassionate care, of all places, in the shoe business.

After college, Kerns took a job at a local specialty shoe retailer that serviced its clients based on a wide variety of therapeutic objectives. In that role he encountered thousands of clients facing a myriad of challenges.

“Meeting people of age and with disabilities really opened my eyes to how seemingly small things can bring about enormous positive change in a person’s life,” Kerns said, “We were helping people find the right shoe to meet very specific needs, but it’s funny how much that small service could transform a person’s life.”

Kerns also directed online and medical marketing for the Knoxville footwear provider, where he worked closely with physicians and therapists to see that he and his team were meeting the specialized needs of his clients. “Working as a service provider and go-between with physicians and patients really taught me the value of providing outstanding care in times of need,” he said.

“Receiving help is never easy, making it vital that the level of care provided is foremost compassionate and reliable. That’s the main lesson that I carry to Preferred Care at Home, and Chattanooga’s seniors.”

Originally from Greeneville, TN, where he was raised and schooled, Kerns moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee. In all, he resided in Knoxville for eleven years before transitioning to Chattanooga and joining the Preferred Care at Home family.

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