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Meet The Owner, Erica Rattray-St Jean

Imagine feeling so ashamed because your memory slipped and you left the stove on and caught your home on fire. Picture a 60 year old woman getting ready for work one morning when she suddenly suffers a stroke, falls in the tub, and is left paralyzed on one side. Now imagine these vibrant individuals moved into nursing homes where his or her independence feels stripped away.

Both of these stories are real life scenarios of people who I have worked with. The families felt there was no choice and moved the loved one to a nursing home. No one wanted to leave their home and both grieved the loss of independence and familiarity, which ultimately led to depression.

If you are reading this perhaps you, or someone you love, are at a similar crossroad. Remaining home seems impossible and perhaps unsafe, and yet the loss of home seems unbearable. I understand this choice. At Preferred Care at Home, we are committed to safeguarding the dignity and independence of the elderly, by providing quality home care services.

My journey into home care began, unbeknownst to me, when I was just seventeen years old. My first volunteer job was assisting the elderly with emergency housing and Meals on Wheels. It was in this environment that I resolved to dedicate my life to coming alongside those in need and solving difficult problems. I wanted to be equipped to be the best advocate for those in need which led me to graduate school where I studied social work with a concentration in elder care and supervision and management.

As a licensed social worker with over 20 years of experience practicing social work in various fields of aging, I have had the honor of helping hundreds of eldery and disabled individuals restore their dignity and independence while improving quality of life. My goal is always to ensure that an elderly or disabled person never feels useless, lonely, or without purpose. I have worked tirelessly to improve systems and create programs and policies to support our elderly population.

Now, as the owner of Preferred Care at Home of Northeast New Jersey, I am able to bring my love, passion, and experience to every client and family we serve. It is an honor and privilege that I am humbled by daily.

If you are reading this perhaps you, or someone you love, are at a crossroad. I understand this difficult moment, and I promise to be by your side every step of the way. I strongly believe that in the absence of independence an individual’s purpose is compromised. So, I promise that you or your loved one will be assigned highly compassionate and reliable caregivers who are vetted, certified, and well-trained to provide the needed assistance. Our caregivers will work in partnership with you to improve quality of life while maintaining your desired independence.

When you join our family, beyond quality home care services, you will receive

  • holistic approach to care.
  • diligent assessments of the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental needs.
  • help in maintaining your safety
  • person-centered care
  • a constant advocate
  • an extended family in Preferred Care of Home

If you are at a crossroad, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. (973) 783-4663.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything but still, I can do something, and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”
Edward Everett Hale

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