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Have you heard about the Grandparent Scam?

There is a scam out there that has stolen over 42 million dollars in the last year alone! Have you heard about the grandparent... Read more

Tips for Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease

“While traveling might be more difficult for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, it is not impossible.  Here are some tips to consider to help those with Parkinson’s disease travel more... Read more

Brief Guide and Tips on the Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse

Everyone’s talking eclipse, and a lot of cosmological terms are being thrown around lately. Here’s a brief overview of what you need to... Read more

To See Perseverance Instead of Disability

Perseverance is one of humanity’s greatest qualities. With it we have overcome world wars, brutal genocides, plagues (pneumonic and bubonic), earthquakes, tsunamis, and famines. It is our luck then that this particular trait isn’t limited to humans as a collective — but rather it’s something found in each and every one of us. A famous... Read more

8 Spring Cleaning Survival Tips

It is finally spring! As temperatures (very) slowly warm up in parts of the country it is beginning to feel like spring too. With the fresh burst of sunshine comes the impulse to purge all things winter, it’s time for spring cleaning. However, if you are a family caregiver, the added responsibility of keeping up... Read more

Caring For Mother at Home: 6 Tips to Prevent Skin Breakdown

I would like to introduce my sister, Cindy, who has owned a successful small business all her life and how she became a caregiver. Now being a business owner of a small material handling company does not lend itself to developing any clinical skills, but I will say that she stepped up and took on... Read more

Seven Senior Shopping Tips

The Spring weather presents an opportunity for seniors to get out of the home. Many choose to kick the winter dust off of the car and head to the mall—a care package for a favorite child or grandchild is always a great gift idea. Here are seven easy tips to make your next shopping trip... Read more

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