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Seniors Can Benefit from July UV Ray Safety

July is Federal Occupational Health’s UV Safety Month. Skin’s resistance to the sun declines as you age, leaving seniors at a higher risk to UV rays. As the summer gets in to full swing, seniors can benefit from a few simple tips to keep skin healthy in the sun: Be aware of the elements: Places... Read more

Discover the Heart of Home Care: 2 Questions to Ask

It is often an overwhelming time for families when they recognize that home care services are needed for their senior loved one. There are so many questions to ask, issues to consider, and fears to alleviate.  How do you know a senior home care service is the right fit for you? Where do you even... Read more

Fighting Against Alzheimer’s One Caregiver at a Time

Every Sunday, an 87 year old Alzheimer’s client finds herself back in her prime. Up on the stage of a small brick chapel sequestered among the green oaks and pines of the American countryside, she sings with the choir. Up on the stage, her disease is vanquished. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s—the most prevalent... Read more

Smooth Transition Care: A Step Ahead

We care for those you care about. And because of that, we understand that providing quality care means going above and beyond expectations. Care is more than just a service, it’s who we are. I have sat with families as they have tried to decide what services are needed, the hours of care desired, when to... Read more

Leaving Home Reminds us how Important Home Care Really is

I gained a new appreciation for home this week. I’ve been blessed to relocate from the Mid-Southern city that shaped most of my adult life—Memphis— to our corporate offices in Florida. And while trading the rolling muddy waters of the Mississippi River for the surging blue tides of the Atlantic is a fair deal any... Read more

Seven Senior Shopping Tips

The Spring weather presents an opportunity for seniors to get out of the home. Many choose to kick the winter dust off of the car and head to the mall—a care package for a favorite child or grandchild is always a great gift idea. Here are seven easy tips to make your next shopping trip... Read more

Seniors Remember the Exciting Roads Home

U.S Route 1 paints a meandering trail across the Eastern Seaboard from Key West, Florida to Maine. Yet much like the fabled Route 66, Route 1 hides treasures overlooked and unseen by younger travelers like myself, who are usually flying home on the nation’s Interstate system. Today was a different day. Today the race home... Read more

Cycling a Growing Hobby for Seniors

Jordan Emerson hoisted the electric green Suncruiser onto his work stand and grasped for a wrench—just another bike build among dozens this week. A chef by day, Jordan was once again burning the midnight oil away from home and preparing to open his new rental shop, Main Street Bike Rentals, in a most unusual location,... Read more

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